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Battle Royale Manifesto, "I have a dream..."
post Jul 23 2005, 12:26 PM
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In 2142 EA might get it right...

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The Battle Royale Ethos Dance.gif Beer-Chug.gif

1. Real life comes before gaming
2. Mates are also more important than gaming
3. Gaming is clearly the best thing invented by man, with alcohol a close second.
4. Gaming is for fun, not to kill over (as some people seem to do in Korea)

The Clan History

Battle Royale have been round a while. Ever since BF 1942 and Spammingrad in fact. In the good olde days of Stukka's and Tommy guns BR started competing in ClanBase ladders and if i remember correctly hovered somewhere in the top 20.

With the release of BF Vietnam, BR took to the jungles. Napalm and Bouncing Betties galore, BR once again got stuck into the new game. Friendlies and official matches galore and the already heathly partnership with our Sister Clan |FTA| was strengthened even more.

Then things went quiet for a while, many people got bored of the game and the clan dug in, to wait it out till BF 2 was released. A few of us played regularly for |FTA| and helped their Vietnam Squad Division reach the top 10 in the CB ladder. BR also dabbled with CS:S for a bit and had a few friendly matches with some very nice score lines in favour of BR.

Now BF 2 has been released its a fresh start for Battle Royale. A new game with enhanced teamplay and squad action. Fantastic new maps and weapons. Its a clan's dream come true (well it would be if EA hadnt been the publishers!).

BRING IT ON! Excited.gif

The Webby

The webby is generously hosted and maintained by Buttercup with Rahl also helping out when he can. It takes a hell of a lot of time and hard work to get the forums up, running and backed up (tongue.gif) - remember that!


The forums are the Clan's heart and soul. Without them there is no Battle Royale. They also rely on people posting to keep them interesting and informative. Please dont think that this is the role of the admins. We actively encourage guys to post as much as they can, but please keep things polite as misunderstandings can occur very easily when you dont know someone that well. Oh, and please put Spam where it belongs! Spam.gif

Also, try and check them daily to keep up to date with stuff going on.


This is the new system BR uses to organise matches and practice sessions. You will all have a login and password that are the same as your forum nick when you join the clan. Please change your password when you can. You can also use the War Calendar to see what is on the BR schedule.

The Gallery

Use this to host your sigs, pics of your rig or to browse Battle Royale Booze ups! Beer-Chug.gif

The Servers

Battle Royale run a 40 man ranked BF 2 server, hosted by game2xs.com. We also run a TS server (see forum header for ip's).

The game server obviously costs money. At BR there is no one forcing you to pay for the server although its pretty obvious that a clan without a server aint much of a clan. Mr. Chrispy is in charge of the clans books and he has another sticky with the details.

In a nutshell, most people contribute £5-£10 a month towards the server. This MUST be in the form of a Standing Order to avoid "My cheque is in the post, honest!" scenarios. In return for your contributions you get admin rights on the server - kick and map change rights.

Talk to Chrispy or PM him to set up your Standing Order and server rights. Ta.

The Admins

Battle Royale is a democratic clan with all important decisions being put to the vote. However a clan needs some people to put things in place and organise stuff. Slap.gif

These are:

Buttercup: Website UBER Admin.
Cyprio: Clan Leader, Forum Admin
Mr Chrispy: Clan Treasurer, Forum Admin
Darken Rahl: Website Maintenance, Forum Admin
Shadevildmanden: Recruitment, Forum Admin

The Players

The following |BR| members have been seen on the forums/server recently ():

|BR| Atomic Deth (aka AD)
|BR| Buttercup (aka BC)
|BR| Cyp.
|BR| Crasp X
|BR| Ding
|BR| Elergy
|BR| GKsmoov
|BR| Kell
|BR| Kodiac
|BR| Lazlo Woodbine (aka Laz)
|BR| Nubins
|BR| Scotteh
|BR| Shadevildmanden (aka Shadey)
|BR| Slippy
|BR| Snow
|BR| Some Old Git
|BR| [-Stash-]
|BR| The Phantom Toker (aka Toker)
|BR| Timmatt
|BR| Zebedee

The following are 'around' smile.gif

|BR| Sotla
|BR| EvilBillGates
|BR| Gandolf
|BR| Mobieus (aka Cancer)
|BR| ShadeDeath
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