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5 May 2017
So last night I picked this up.


Saw quite a few of my mates playing this over the past few weeks, and thought with the crap with my job ive been having with work over last few weeks.. I fancied some new KILLING..

So.. in short.

Battle Royale style game. group of people drop over a LARGE island. pick up weapons and so on and then kill each other.

There are other games like this like "The Culling" and some called HZ1 or what ever its called.. This game feels. tons more polished.. There is no pay to win or any of that crap.

What got my attention to posting this though is the concept.. We could all play as a group. (i believe there is a game mode where you work as teams of 4.. ill check that out today).

Yes the game is in Alpha. but have to say the only issue i have seen so far is the lack of optimization when you have everyone jumping out the plane at the begining.

check this out for more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoadRyVIcTI

26 Feb 2017

So, what other games would people recommend for fridays?

One of the ones that Shadey, Ding, and I had a play with was World of Warships


Was a good laugh that.

Also, For the flyers and tank lovers in us. I would also recommend : War Thunder


Been playing a bit of that yesterday. Was a good laugh flying round, and only crashed once.

Oh and should point out, both are Free to Play.

9 Oct 2016
Heya all. How's tricks. biggrin.gif Been a long time

Are you guys going to be playing BF1?
16 Apr 2012
Hey all,

I downloaded this over the weekend : TRIBES

It was mentioned on GS and thought. well what the hell. and to be honest.. It turned out to be a really good laugh.

got a bit of time before my meeting so I thought Id do a quick run down on it.

In a nutshell. its a basic Team vs Team FPS. There are selection of game modes and classes, and it uses a XP system (or cash) to get other classes and upgrades (seems a similar thing that happens nowadays ).

Game Modes

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag features two bases, each containing its own Flag. Typically this game mode features symmetrical maps, so that neither side has a unfair layout advantage. The goal for both teams is to capture the enemy's flag until they have reached the game's capture limit (default limit is 5 captures), while preventing their enemy from achieving the same.
Both team's flags are located in their respective bases on a spot known as the flag stand, usually an open area surrounded by Base Turrets. By simply touching the enemy flag you will pick it up. This however is a task often left to dedicated flag cappers on the team, who specialize in grabbing and escaping with flags at high speeds. To capture the flag and score a point, you have to bring the enemy flag back to your own flag stand and touch your own team's secured flag. If the flag is not secured at your base, you are not able to capture.
If the flag carrier is killed or intentionally drops the flag, a notification appears on screen that it has been dropped. At this time the flag may be returned by a player of the same team as the flag or picked up again by the opposing team. When the flag is anywhere but its flag stand it can be moved/bounced around by explosives. Some teams will sometimes use this to their advantage by replacing the flag in hard to access spots to prevent high-speed captures.
Exclusive to this game mode is the Generator, Base Turrets and Radar. The latter two are powered by the generator, and all three may be upgraded to level 4. If the enemy team destroys your generator, your turrets and sensors will go offline until the generator is repaired.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch features both tribes in a classic team deathmatch. Both teams start with one-hundred lives, the first team to have their lives depleted, loses. This game mode is one of skill over tactics. In addition, the first kill of the match yields a flag, and whichever team holds the flag will knock two lives off the enemy instead of just one when killing them. Team Deathmatch usually resembles a game of Rabbit, except that half of the players are attempting to protect the flag carrier. Resupply Stations are placed throughout the map allowing for players to preserve their tickets by healing up


Arena maps are designed to keep the class diversity of Tribes: Ascend while focusing on combat between two teams of five. Whereas other game modes lean towards a broad, overall strategy for the team, Arena concentrates on the specific tactical choices the teams make in a single fight.
Arena features smaller maps that play out for a shorter time period. The round ends once one team has no respawns left. Each team is give twenty-five respawn counters, once depleted each player is allowed one more respawn. Rounds tend to be very fast and highly competitive, with an emphasis on your team's class makeup and your plan to counter the opposing team's class choices.
Scattered on each map are resupply points allowing players to heal, this is a tactical choice seeing as resupplying leaves the player vulnerable to attacks with no chance of rebuttal. Call-ins are also available for use and when used effectively can help a team gain the lead or secure it.


Light armor Classes

The Light Armor classes, by default, weigh the least, accelerate the fastest and have 800 health. This number can generally be improved with XP spent on a classes armor.


The Pathfinder is a class dedicated to speed, best built for capturing flags and chasing down enemies trying to capture your own flag. It is equipped with tools generally centered around one or both of these goals, such as the Nitron belt items, one of which is able to knock the flag out of an opponents hands in impact.

Light armor Class Unlocks.


The Sentinel is a class built around precision, with weapons that can hit reliably from any distance, as well as access to several of the few hit-scan weapons in the game. It is equipped with tools that help it to defend its team, such as the Drop Jammer that can reveal enemy Infiltrators, to compliment its defensive nature.


The Infiltrator is a class that possesses the ability to vanish from the opponents sight through it's stealth pack, and sabotage the enemy team from within. It is equipped with tools that allow it to deal massive damage to the enemy Generator, or other defensive structures, in the form of its Sticky Grenades.

Medium armor Classes

The Medium Armor classes are very versatile, durable but still reasonably agile. Base health is 1200, this number can generally be improved with XP spent on a classes armor.


The Soldier is a great all-around class that can do either offense or defense. The perfect class for killing infantry and a welcome addition to any defense or offensive disruption squad. As a Soldier you are able to take on almost any role at any given time

Medium Armor Class Unlocks.


The Technician is a defensive class primarily, with the Light Turret pack this class becomes the backbone of any lasting defense. The job of the Technician is to keep the base clear of enemy disruption and to maintain the base assets. With surprisingly strong weapon options, this class is capable of holding ground just fine and are not only a supporting class, but a very capable duelist as well


The Raider is a specialized offensive class that can clear a enemy base within seconds. It's the class of choice when going up against static defenses such as turrets or forcefields. The raider is also known to be one of the strongest dueling classes in the game due to a well rounded load-out that can be customized to match any opposition.

Heavy armor

The Heavy Armor classes are huge and slow with very limited maneuverability, as the name implies they have more mass and cannot be knocked around as much as other armor types. Their base health is 2400, this number can generally be improved with XP spent on a classes armor.


The Juggernaut focuses on long range bombardment. The primary weapons are very indirect and shots can travel for several seconds before reaching their destination, as such Juggernauts rely heavily on prediction and battle experience.

Heavy armor Unlocks


The Doombringer is a great flag defender who can put down deployable Force Fields and Mines. The Doombringer might just be the least mobile class in the game, but also one of the most wanted additions to a defense that is struggling. Also carries the only real anti-vehicle weapon in the game, a lock-on homing missile launcher.


The Brute is the anti-infantry heavy class. With a lot of health and deadly weaponry, a brute can, and will take on anyone. The brute can be used both on defense or offense, but it excels at indoor combat overall.


They have got a recruit a friend system which if you add someones name to when you sign up that person then gets 240 Gold to spend on the character. Which can be used on gear or unlocking a class.

to get to it. you just pass on the link to the refer a friend page and i believe they just sign up using that.

this is mine.


What I suggest is that if you do want to play. as you sign up. post your link so the next person can get some gold. (if u dont. well. you can all register on my link if you like ;) )

Right. better get some work done now. take care guys. I`ll be on this prob tonight. My ingame name is "Timmatt". (the buddy system in it systems to work quite well.).
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