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Cyprio loves teh COCK =)
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12 May 2011
I downloaded this the other day and just had a quick round. Thought i would just post just in case none of you have heard about it. Its Pretty much BF2 but made by apprentices is the only way to describe it.


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Pick a class Assualt , Medic , Recon or Engineer (once you choose a class your stuck with it)
Unlock guns as you progress but better guns you have to for.
Maps : Oman, Karkland & a few other classic BF2 maps.
11 Mar 2011
Hello gentlemen,

Very nice to catch up tonight on ye old TS. Quite surprised as to how many of you still come on. Ill hopefully re-enter the FNG more often. wub.gif

15 Dec 2008
for those that have not heard or seen Mr.Bush dodging the shoes WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN biggrin.gif

17 Nov 2008
am not sure if you lot are using xfire but if your not i would suggest you download it. Just gives you the benifits of knowing whos online, AFK, and what game they are playing, the server they are listed, send and recive files etc etc. if you do have it already then add me:


you can set up a clan page on Xfire for free so even easier access to join/chat to your friends smile.gif

i really do think i should get paid to advertising Ventrilio and Xfire sad.gif
1 May 2008
Me and a couple Xfire players last night were laughing out guts out at this Zombie MOD on Cod4! Alot of servers have this mod, If your Bored of normal COD4 public id have look at this Zombie MOD!

You Start Off all joining as human.
All maps are in the Dark which is ace. !
After 1.00 minute a player is randomly selected to become a Zombie
The Zombie can become either one of the following:
-Scout Zombie ( fast mover)
-Normal Zombie (Extra Damage)
-Poisionous Zombie (poisonous fums)
-Electric Zombie (Electric Bolts)
-Fire Zombie (fire ring)
The Human have infinite ammo but still have to reload. only 1 nade and flash.
If a human is camping somewhere high the zombie use there special abiltity to slowly damage the Human.
Commit Suicide or Die by Getting knived by a zombie you become one.
Last Human Standing Has a Special Laser Weapon which is jokes becomes its Zaps the Zombies and kills with one shot!
You can active a HUD to give your Weapon Lazer Sight, make your player change between camoflage or normal, plant a mine, or commit suicide!

heres Some Screenies....

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