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8 Feb 2007
as i have some time on my hand (yes, hand, singular having just had my shoulder rebuilt), i thought id answer shadeys voluminous post about what the scots have invented with what they haven't tongue.gif ;)

for a start, Scotland is named after the Scoti, a Celtic tribe from ireland, who arrived in what the romans called caledonia in the 5th/6th century AD. By the 11th century they dominated the whole of mainland scotland. 'Scots Gaelic' is actually a dialect of irish


Kilts were invented by the irish, but the word 'kilt' is danish (kilte op - tuck up)


the bagpipes were ancient and were probably invented in central asia. they are mentioned in the old testament (daniel 3:5,10,15) and in greek poetry of the 4th century BC. the romans probably brought them to britain, but the earliest pictish carvings date from the 8th century AD


haggis was an anicent greek sausage (aristophanes mentions one exploding in 'the clouds' in 423 BC


oat porridge has been found in the stomachs of 5000yo neoloithic bog bodies in central europe & scandanvia


actually invented in ancient china. it arrived in ireland before scotland, first distilled by monks. the word derives from the irish 'uisge breatha' from the latin 'aqua vitae' or water of life


the elaborate system of clan tartans is a complete myth stemming from the early 19th century. All highland dress, including what tartan or plaid there was, was banned after the 1745 rebellion. The english garrison regiments started designing their own tartans as an affectation, and to mark the state visit of King George IV to edinburgh in 1822, Queen Victoria encouraged the trend, and it soon became a Victorian craze

your move shadey smile.gif *snoogins*

17 Jan 2007
user posted image

dont panic!

Never be without your Towel again!

The Towel is perhaps the most important invention of whatever century it was invented in. The Towel is the most massively useful tool to take with you on your trips throughout the universe. It is handy for oh so many reasons: you can sleep on it, rub food and sauces on it for later consumption, use it to signal for help, wrap it around your head to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugbladder Beast of Traal, or to dry off. And most importantly, strags (non-hitchhikers) will assume if you know where your towel is you are also in possession of quite a number of other common items like a toothbrush or a space suit (which means they are more apt to lend you said items if you ask to "borrow" them).

Our Towel is black, rectangular, and made of velour. It is based on the award-winning design of the Anti-Flatulent Fighting Towels of Flogulon Beta, with a little clip in the corner to attach it to things. It measures 16" X 25" and has the number 42 imprinted on it for some random reason (apparently the printer had a special affinity for the product of 6 and 7). The printing is done using a tone on tone effect, using a glossy clear ink over the black towel for a nice subtle effect. But seriously, you need this Towel. Because if you have one, everyone will look at you and say, "There's a frood who really knows where his towel is," which is perhaps one of the nicest things someone can say about you.

And don't forget: May 25th is officially Towel Day. It is a tribute to a mostly harmless author named Douglas Adams.
24 Dec 2006

user posted image

Fantastic Foot Fragging Fun

Sitting in the tower, nicely hidden from the rabble down below, you crouch and switch from rocket-launcher to rail-gun. There he sits, carelessly out in the open. A big fat juicy n00b target ready to be painted and fragged. Oh, how sweet.

You can barely contain your excitement as you zoom your scope. Carefully adjusting your aim, you go for the headshot and slam your finger down on the left-mouse button. The shot goes wild! In the excitement of the kill, your enthusiastic mouse-click caused your hand to jerk. Suddenly, you find yourself alone and vulnerable with dozens of rockets flying towards your position. Weak.

Enter the Fragpedal. Two panels that rest on the floor with raised sensors convert the gentle touch of your feet into flaming death for your foe. Forever will your hands be accurate and stable while your toes tap out semaphores of pain and destruction. Use your right foot to left and right-click. Use your left to cycle through weapons. Using the programming tool included with every fragpedal, you can customize those buttons as you please. Code a button-press as a mouseclick or a series of keystrokes, press and release mode sends the command upon release, toggle sends one command on odd and another on even presses, or shift to "shift" the other 3 buttons to a new set of commands.

Made from burnished aluminum and tough rubber, the Fragpedal is built to last.

5 Nov 2006
ForceWare Release 90
Version: 93.71
Release Date: November 2, 2006
WHQL Certified


3 Nov 2006
or the truth...

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