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28 Sep 2004
Hey you BFV Grunts,

Finding some Great Custom BFV maps, I will be having them on my BFV server for practice maps and just Fun.

1st pick this week is Gloria!

With "Gloria" US marine V.S NVA fight! There is a city of two
villages and the respective Bases which one to conquer must.
Jungles and high grass the NVA offers and to US good possibilities to
hide itself. Gloria has many shelters cannons and good hiding place
places. The city is large and it gives three points which one to
conquer must. In the south, center and the radio station. I have many
tanks and helicopters built into Gloria however no airplanes. The NVA
begins in the top left and keeps the upper village of right already
from the outset occupied. US marine push the helicopter and tank units
direction city from the south to and must fast together with
penetrate. The NVA naturally that same will do. The river plays a
strategic role. Thus the units can penetrate area in the rear of
enemy. That can be crucial then. Its own picture of the map makes best
for you. I hope you`ll enjoy the map and Gloria will keep your in a good mode.


And Radio Nguyen!

This is an assault map. The NVA must recapture the town along with the radio station, whilst the US Marines must resist and repel all NVA attacks.

Get them Guys since i have them on my private server and we will set up a night were we can all play on them.

Cheers Kali
18 Jul 2004
When: Tonight Sunday July 18th

At 8PM GMT ! Beer-Chug.gif

Were My BFV Server:

no password required!


Bring your own beer and Munchies!
and your own sex toys if needed! blink.gif

Naked Women Solgiers! Just Kidding! biggrin.gif
While maybe in a future Bod Mod!!

With 6 new Maps, Carefully tested for Funability!!

Download then here!

1. http://www.telebyte.nl/~w.thomas/maps/Oper..._Red_Dragon.rfa

2. http://www.telebyte.nl/~w.thomas/maps/TET_OFFENSIVE.rfa

3. http://www.telebyte.nl/~w.thomas/maps/Green_Hell.rfa

4. http://www.telebyte.nl/~w.thomas/maps/Surfin_Birds.zip

5. http://www.telebyte.nl/~w.thomas/maps/Moun...ous_Assault.rfa

6. http://www.telebyte.nl/~w.thomas/maps/Doing_The_Village.rfa

Be There or be square! The man love will be flowing like your blood after i shoot you!! Dance.gif

Maps go Here in your Game!
x:\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels

A couple of maps to wet your ?

Red Dragon!
user posted image

Tet Offensive!
user posted image

16 Jul 2004
Guys here is a new Update News from EA-Dice!

Its Time for all BF1942 players to get BFV Read On!! Dance.gif

7.16.04 - Community Update

1.1 Update Enters Final Candidate Testing
EA and DICE Canada are pleased to announce that the 1.1 update has entered final candidate testing - a process called Customer Quality Control (CQC) -- at EA Headquarters. This means that the 1.1 update is almost here.

But there’s more, soon following the release of BFV update 1.1, DICE and EA will be releasing the 1.1 debug .exe the public to assist modders in clearing out their bug lists for release. Additionally, new versions of Battlecraft and the MDT are in the process of being completed and will be not far behind.

All in all, late July should be an exciting time for Battlefield Vietnam players and modders. Keep an eye on this space for all of these items when they release.

A Gift from EA and DICE
For some time, DICE Canada has been secretly working on something very cool as a gift for owners of Battlefield Vietnam. We’re pleased to finally announce the fruition of this work: the OFFICIAL WWII Mod for Battlefield Vietnam.

Have you ever wondered what Wake Island or Iwo Jima would look and play like with real tropical foliage? Do you love Battlefield Vietnam but you want to be able to relive the classics without having to dig up your 1942 disks?

The WWII Mod includes the classic Wake Island, Invasion of the Philippines and Iwo Jima maps rebuilt to take advantage of all of the new features of the Vietnam rendering engine (normal mapping, undergrowth, overgrowth, etc.), as well as the gameplay tweaks that came with BFV. (capture timer, 3D Map, use of kit weapons from passenger seats, vehicle radios, etc.)

But that’s not all, DICE Canada has also added a brand new Flamethrower weapon for both the Axis and Allied teams and re-animated all of the weapons from Battlefield 1942’s Pacific Theatre. The WWII Mod has been in heavy testing here at EA for some time, so expect to see it some time in the near future.

Community Recongnition

BFNation Relaunches
We are very pleased to announce that a key Battlefield news website relaunched last week with a sparkling new and improved design. These guys are great fans of the game, and do good work keeping the community informed of what’s going on in the Battlefield player and mod communities.

Keep it up, guys. We appreciate everything you do for Battlefield (www.bfnation.net)

That's it for this weeks update. Be sure to check back next week on more info regarding the 1.1 update and the WWII Mod release. For those of you playing Battlefield 1942, we've posted an update over on the official site today.

EAComMike and the rest of the Battlefield team
13 Jul 2004
Hey Br G.I. s

Well FTA and BR Boys a little Summer Fun can be had by downloading these fun BFV maps from my website!

And we will have a piss up night on my server with all
these custom maps TBA!! Beer and Coms!! Beer-Chug.gif , BFV, Man love, blink.gif New maps!! biggrin.gif

What more do you want!! huh.gif

I could not post the links here, could someone with access to our

|FTA| Clan Forums > |FTA| Battlefield Vietnam Division > BF Vietnam Private Section
You will find my post New BVF Maps!!! G.I.

Please Place my post in your private members area only since i cant!!

Please all the maps are for FTA and BR members only, so please dont post my links to the public!

And please all try and download them soon as you can!
They are taking up all the room on my 50mb web space!

Cheers Kali
1 Jul 2004
THE Kali Cronical! unsure.gif

Wolfowitz apologises for calling journalists in Baghdad cowards! :mad.gif:

US station apologises for profanity! Big-Kiss.gif

Labour MP apologises for gay MP comments in New Zealand wink.gif

Bono apologises - for having a cigarette! huh.gif

Pakistani scientist apologises for nuke leaks! wacko.gif

Sapphire apologises for 128 bit 9800 PRO cards! Rage.gif

Well i know im not as important than these poeple in the Headlines!

But Kali apologises for the profane swear words and Cusses, and dribble that poured out of his mouth every time he was killed by the opponent last night on TS! Rage.gif

Hope i wasnt too irritating Boys!! Good and well faught Game! I thought the other clan was preety good too!
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